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Advice from a Pig

Pigs have a bit of a mixed reputation in human history. Some say pigs are dirty or unclean. Others find them delicious. Some find them frightening and dangerous. Others see them as cute and cuddly. Some see them as livestock. Others see them as pets. We find pigs in books and movies — Wilbur (from the book Charlotte’s Web), Miss Piggy (from the Muppets), Babe (from the movie Babe) and Pig Pen (from the Peanuts comic strip), to name just a few.
Of all the characteristics we attribute to pigs, perhaps the most prevalent in my own experience refers to how they eat. Pigs eat anything. They eat in great quantities. And they don’t mind making a mess. As a kid, I learned early that to say, “You eat like a pig!” was a serious insult.
As an adult, I have learned to question my unexamined beliefs. As a spiritual practice, I have learned to re-examine facts, but even more, to question the judgments and stories I have carried.
I ran into an affirmation today that made me reconsider the old insult, “You eat like a pig”. The affirmation says, “I feast daily on the joy of living in God’s world.” What a vibrant image. Perhaps when a pig eats, she is feasting on joy. She is eating with enthusiastic abandon, taking in the bounty of God.
The book of Proverbs tells us “He that is of cheerful heart has a continual feast.” (Prov 15:15) The routine events of everyday living offer a feast of joy to the cheerful heart. A conversation with a friend, the beauty of God’s world around us, an opportunity to serve or help another — all these are food for joy when we cultivate a cheerful heart. Maybe that pig has cultivated a cheerful heart.
Eat like a Pig! Feast on joy with a cheerful heart.

Advice from an Owl

Owls are known in folklore as animals of wisdom and silence. They are omens of change — the kind of change that requires us to release old ways of being.
After studying the characteristics of the owl, it is easy to see how this folklore developed. Owls are nocturnal birds known for their silent flight and their ability to both see and hear with great clarity.
From a spiritual perspective, the owl invites us to summon the courage to see the highest truth and to listen deeply, beyond the mere words being spoken.

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The Hummingbird

As I ponder the hummingbird, I am struck by the strength and power that expresses through such a small and beautiful being. The ruby-throated hummingbird, found in the eastern half of the U.S. weighs in at a scant 3 grams. That is less than the weight of a nickel. And yet this tiny creature can fly 500 miles non-stop to cross the Gulf of Mexico in a single flight lasting 18 to 20 hours. Can you imagine the intensity of the God-energy that must flow through this little bird?
When we consider the spiritual power of Strength, we often turn to large symbols like the elephant or the lion as our models. Yet there is a quality of lightness to hummingbird strength that resonates deep in my soul. I long for the kind of strength that rests lightly on my mind and heart, and lightly on the world around me. The strength that comes from a place of deepest trust.

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Advice from a Bluebird

“The poor earth was so winter-marred, Harried by storm so long,
It seemed no spring could mend her,
No tardy sunshine render
Atonement for such wrong. 
Snow after snow, and gale and hail,
Gaunt trees encased in icy mail,
The glittering drifts so hard
They took no trace
Of scared, wild feet…
And then one primrose dawn,
Sweet, sweet, O sweet,
and tender, tender,
The bluebirds woke the happy earth
With song.”
                   by Katharine Lee Bates

As I prepared for my talk this week on Advice from a Bluebird, I ran across the poem above. Staring gloomily out my window at the bitter cold remains of our Easter snowstorm, my heart resonated with the image of the ‘winter-marred earth’. And, what a balm it was to arrive at the final lines of the poem – ‘sweet and tender, the bluebirds woke the happy earth with song’.

It brings to mind how often I have been faced with a challenging time and found it difficult to imagine it could ever end. The failing is not in Spirit, but only in my lack of imagination.
How important it is in those times to open my mind and my heart to Spirit. The bluebirds are there, infinite possibilities just waiting for my awakening consciousness to see them.
How simple it is to imagine what I already know in my heart to be true!

Across The Universe – an experience of Meditation


As part of my short series of metaphysical interpretations of Beatles songs, I had the opportunity to sing one of my favorites at a Sunday service at Unity of Columbia.

This song – Across the Universe – attempts to describe in words the experience of being in meditation.

Click here to listen:  Across the Universe performed by Lauri Boyd

A World of Pure Imagination

There’s an old song from the 1970’s movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that’s been playing a lot lately in an advertisement on television. I can’t recall what the ad is for, but I’m so happy that it brought the song back into my memory.

The song is all about how we use our imagination to create our experience: “If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it. Anything you want to do – do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.” Charles Fillmore would have loved this song! Continue reading A World of Pure Imagination