What is God?

Did you ever try to describe God to someone? Did you ever try to put your belief and your understanding into words? Usually, when a discussion around God comes up, we quickly realize that each one of us has our own unique understanding of God. When answering from the heart, rather than giving a memorized answer from some doctrine, no two people will ever give the same answer when asked to describe God. Interestingly, I’ve also observed that if you ask the same person at different times in his or her life, the answer also changes.

I think this happens because each one of us is a unique expression of God. Whether we know it or not, when we attempt to describe God, we are describing our own deepest nature and ultimate reality. And as we move through this human experience, our understanding of God changes because we ourselves are changing as we grow in consciousness to allow more and more God to express in our lives.

My current favorite description of God comes from Robert Kegan, a professor at Harvard University who wrote the book The Evolving Self. “God is the name we give to the ceaseless, restless, creative flow of energy in the universe.”

What’s yours?


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