The Gift of Gold

The Wise Men’s journey was a journey toward greater spiritual understanding. When they finally found themselves in the presence of the Christ, they gave the baby gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts represented an outpouring of their souls.

The joy of Christmas is that it is a giving season. We each have our own gifts to share. And when we give, we give both outer gifts and inner gifts. The material gift is a symbol of a deeper gift of the Spirit. With every outer gift, we also give the gift of love, of prayer, of faith, of peace. As we wrap our gifts in colorful paper and bows, we also wrap them with our love.

Metaphysically, the gift of gold represents the riches of the Spirit. On the material level, it reminds us that we are part of a living flow of divine abundance and enoughness. On the spiritual level, it reminds us that we are blessed with “Gifts of the Spirit” – knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, faith, healing, and more.

As we make our own journey to discover the Christ within us, we step into that eternal flow of giving and receiving.

Each time we give from the soul, we honor God and the sacred child of God that each person is.

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