The Spirit of Money

Many of us carry unhealed stories of lack, shame and fear around money. Whether a person does not have enough, or has too much, we have learned to judge a person’s character by the money they have. We have judge others, and even more damaging, we have judged ourselves.
it is time to practice self-awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness around the topic of money.
Some people think it is a sacrilege to talk about money in a spiritual context. You may have heard the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil.” Actually, this is the most misquoted passage in the Bible. What Paul actually wrote was, “The love of money is the root of all evils.” (1 Tim. 6:10).
Money in and of itself is neither good nor evil. It is simply a tool. We can use it to facilitate the flow of divine abundance, or use it to spread fear and lack.
When we make money the focus of our meditation practice, we create the opportunity to grow and expand our consciousness of both compassion and abundance.
Because money is a tool, we should use it intentionally, rather than unconsciously. This requires us to make conscious choices about where we send our money. To make conscious choices, we must know what is important, what our most deeply held values are. Only then can we use our money in support of those values.
Your life is your practice. Review where you have used your money in the last year. This is your current practice. Does your practice match your values? If not, what are some changes you could make to your practice?
What if we began to think of a talent for money as no different than a talent for singing or athletic ability. It is a gift to be developed and used for the highest good. And what if we celebrated the talent for money with our applause and admiration, just as we celebrate performers and athletes?
Does this thought make you uncomfortable? If so, let that discomfort be the focus of your meditation time.

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