What is God?

“God is the name we give to the ceaseless, restless, creative flow of energy in the universe.”  Jack Kegan

What is God?  People have been pondering this question since there were people. Humankind has always carried with it an awareness of being part of something greater than itself.

We have given that ‘something’ a name (God) and assigned to it the attributes that seemed to speak to our deepest values and needs in the moment. As we have learned and grown (both individually and as a species), our values and needs have shifted, and with them, our concept of God.

I look around and see so many different concepts of God alive in the world today that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I am tempted to ask, what has happened to humanity that we are so divided on something that ought to unify us?

Of course, a simple internet search confirms the hard truth. Humankind has always had a wide diversity of  concepts about God. As you might expect, our concepts of God tell us more about ourselves than they tell us about God.

Perhaps the fact that there are so many different understandings of God alive today means that we are doing something right!

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