Inner Inclusivity

Practicing Inclusivity is all about learning to create meaningful relationship with the ‘Other’. One often overlooked area of this practice involves developing the skills to meet the Other within ourselves.
In our Exclusivist society, built on the belief in separation, we not only separate from other beings. All too often, we disconnect from our inner selves as well. We forget the Spirit within us that is eternal, compassionate and wise. We make ourselves so busy trying to accomplish goals that we forget to take simple care of ourselves.
In his book, Creating a World That Works for All, Sharif Abdullah asks, “What do you believe would happen if you slowed down your life?” In other words, what stories are you carrying that say you would fail in some way if you did not achieve certain things within a specific time frame? Are these stories serving your highest good?

When we consciously alter our relationship to time, everyone around us notices. Why? Because we when we slow down, we reduce our stress levels and allow time for wisdom to surface. We reconnect with the present moment. We reconnect with our capacity for compassion. We reconnect with Spirit within.
One of my favorite illustrations of this is a video called City Monk. It shows a Buddhist monk doing a walking meditation on a crowded city street. Even in a short video clip, you can feel the energy of stillness and connection emanating from him.
As you engage in your practice this week, I invite you to notice your relationship with time.

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