God, the Mother

Many of us grew up hearing the term “God, the Father”. As a female, I grew up in the understanding that God was male and I was not. I still remember my first visit to a Unity center and hearing the minister use the phrase “Father-Mother God”. I remember feeling both shocked and thrilled. On the one hand, I was vaguely waiting for lightning to strike, and on the other hand, I felt something inside me softly and gently break open in the light of what was, for me, a new revelation.

As I moEllis-DAUGHTER2ved deeper into my Unity spiritual practice, I began to learn more about the feminine aspect of God – God, the Mother.  Metaphysically, Eve is the mother of all living. She represents divine love expressed through individual human consciousness. Woman symbolizes the soul of humankind and is the mother principle of God in expression. And the source out of which this woman symbol arises is the pure life essence of God. Mary, the mother of Jesus, represents the soul that embodies God-in-expression.  She signifies the divine motherhood of love.

Meister Eckhart used rich and earthy feminine imagery when he spoke of God as eternally birthing all of creation. He wrote, “What does God do all day long? He gives birth. From the beginning of eternity, God lies on a maternity bed giving birth to all. God is creating this whole universe full and entire in this present moment.”

I love the idea that creation is an ongoing process, not an event that happened long ago. As an ongoing process, creation is filled with endless possibilities. Nothing is set in stone.

And we, made in the image and likeness of God, are also in a continual process of creating. We create our lives with every experience, every choice, every action, and every connection. And as we create ourselves, we bring God into manifestation. As Meister Eckhart wrote, “We are all meant to be mothers of God…for God is always needing to be born.”

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