As I look out my window on this fine spring morning, I see green everywhere. I can hear a few dozen birds singing. And there is a gentle rain falling.

At times like this, when I can see the change of the seasons happening right before my eyes, it always seems to put me in mind of the cycles of life. For all life seems to move in cycles of rebirth, growth, retreat, and dormancy.

This ‘spring’ part of the cycle is a time of great beginnings. Everywhere we look, new life is emerging with joy and abandon. I see it in myself as I seem to come out of my winter sluggishness with renewed energy and zest for life. I see it in nature as I walk the trails or ride my bike. I see it in my home as I get the ‘spring cleaning’ bug. I see it around our Unity center as we welcome new faces in our congregation, and as people step forward with new ideas and renewed energy.

And yet, spring is also a time of storms – from gentle rains to great crashing thunderstorms. I am reminded that turbulence is also a part of the birthing process in the natural cycle of life. I find this thought oddly comforting. It frees me from trying to avoid the storms that happen in my life. Instead, I can simply be in them, knowing they too shall pass, and trusting that somehow in the midst of the storm, new life is trying to emerge.

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