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The Trip to Bethlehem – Teacher’s Kit

For practicing Christians, the Christmas season is a time of deep spiritual significance, during which they celebrate the birth of Jesus. For others, the season often dissolves into nothing more than a frenzy of shopping and feasting. Would you like to participate in the Christmas season as a spiritual experience, but you are not religious? Or, religious, but not Christian? Or, Christian, and longing to go deeper into your practice.

All spiritual stories, can be interpreted on multiple levels. Literally, they tell us the who, what, when, and so forth of an event based in history. Morally, they teach us lessons about the consequences of our choices and behavior. Metaphysically, they teach us about human psychological and spiritual development.

In this class, we will be exploring the traditional Christmas story as a metaphor for a transformational journey in consciousness. The Trip to Bethlehem lays out the archetypal human journey in three phases. We begin our journey by developing a strong and healthy human ego-self. In phase two, we awaken to an awareness of our Higher Self – the Atman, the Holy Spirit, the Eternal Self – that within us which is wise, loving, compassionate, joyful, strong and creative. The third phase of our journey consists of growing toward a spiritually and emotionally mature balance, in which our human-self serves as the vehicle for expressing our Higher Self in our daily lives.

This Teacher’s Kit contains all you need to lead this class. It is based on the book The Trip to Bethlehem by Hypatia Hasbrouck.

  • Class Description – with complete roadmap for four 2-hour sessions
  • An Article suitable for publication in your e-newsletter or local newspaper
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • 1 powerpoint presentation (for week 1)
  • 15 handouts

 Session 1

  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • This is Our Story
  • Higher Self and ego self
  • The Traditional Christmas Story
  • The Mystical Journey
  • Stage One: Renunciation
  Session 2

  • Stage Two: Wisdom
  • Stage Three: Grace and Understanding
  • Stage Four: Imagination
  • Stage Five: Faith
 Session 3

  • Stage Six: Will
  • Stage Seven: Strength
  • Stage Eight: Love
  • Stage Nine: Order
 Session 4

  • Stage Ten: Power
  • Stage Eleven: Zeal
  • Stage Twelve: Life
  • Living the Story