Metaphysics I, Parts 1 & 2 Bundle

Metaphysics explores beliefs and concepts that are above and beyond the physical plane. Based on the book Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, these two 5-week classes focus on beliefs about the nature of Ultimate Reality, or Oneness, from a Unity perspective.  During these classes you will explore some of the fundamental Principles of Spiritual Law and how they can be applied to your life to create a loving and peace-filled experience. Participants may choose to audit the classes simply to enrich themselves, or they may take the classes for credit in Unity’s SEE (Spiritual Education) program.

This Teacher’s Kit contains all you need to lead these two classes, except a copy of the book, which may be purchased via Unity’s online bookstore, or at your local bookstore.

See the individual class descriptions for more details.